Letter from JVA Stadelheim – Dear criminal before the law as a criminal against humanity: “You too can cancel your complicity!”

To our parents and children, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandmas and grandpas, friends and acquaintances, to everyone:

We are 13 people from the last generation aged 19 to 63 and we are currently continuing our resistance in prison in Munich, where we will spend up to a month. You may wonder why we do this and you may also worry about what we are giving up to protest.

Photos: (c) Marlene Limburg and Stefan Müller

But we're not giving up on anything. Our future prospects - school, training, studies, financial security, work, career, carefree time with our children... We're not giving that up, because All of this will already be lost if we continue to do nothing. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says: "We are on the highway to climate hell with our foot on the accelerator. " We will exceed 2030°C as early as 1,5. Droughts, forest fires, extreme weather events will become more frequent and severe and in this climate hell we will hardly be able to think about our next vacation or retirement planning. Instead, we will count heat deaths, let millions of people die in the Global South and at borders, and tear each other apart in the fight for the last resources. Because if we miss the opportunity to act now and it becomes clear in 2-3 years that we will exceed the critical limit and can no longer limit global warming to a level that is comfortable for us to live in, then we will not only lose our livelihood, but also... also our hope and humanity.

We are locked up, but we are not giving up our freedom either. Because what kind of freedom is this in which we can pursue a destructive everyday life unhindered, in a system that by “freedom” means privileges and sells us ruthless egoism as self-realization? If “freedom” means destruction and requires the suffering and death of countless people, then we say goodbye to it without regret.

We don't give up anything and we don't give up. We fight for reason and love, driven by the confidence that humanity will choose life in this final moment. We are peaceful and determined and we oppose a normality that can no longer be. We decided: We would rather be criminals before the law than complicit in humanity's greatest crime.

And we ask you: take a look and decide for life too. Let us be many who say openly and clearly: We denounce complicity in this injustice. We will not accept that our government formulates unconstitutional climate goals and then misses them. Let us not stand by silently when solutions from science, business and citizens' councils are ignored and thwarted in order to protect the privileges and profits of the few instead of all of our lives. We will be there: in museums and ministries, on streets and in prisons, in lecture rooms and on sign boards.

We won't give up because it's all about it.

Drawn by Judith Beadle, Charlotte Schwarzer, Miriam Meyer and Elena Thor in the Stadelheim JVA - Women's Department.

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