Access to BER blocked – “This is just the beginning”

November 18.11.2022th, 113 - Supporters of the last generation block the AXNUMX to BER Airport.
November 18.11.2022th, 113 - Supporters of the last generation block the AXNUMX to BER Airport.

BER, November 18.11.2022, 09, 25:XNUMX a.m - Citizens of the last generation are blocking the A113 today - the access to BER airport from the direction of Berlin. The movement is gradually approaching its announcement last Saturday to “peacefully shut down airports” and emphasizes: “This is just the beginning of the airport disruptions”.

Several vehicles initially drove side by side on the A113 at low speeds with their hazard lights on, causing traffic to build up behind them. Shortly before leaving Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, the vehicles came to a complete standstill. Wearing high-visibility vests and carrying banners, the occupants got out of the cars and peacefully stuck to the highway. They parked the vehicles sideways.

For Lisa Winkelmann, who is sitting on the highway today, these massive disruptions to everyday life are clearly justified: 
"People already want change and not a deadly business as usual. The problem is the federal government, which doesn't even want to talk about the first security measures against climate collapse and prefers to allow further detention of peaceful citizens. Their refusal to act dutifully on the climate crisis forces us to expand the disruption. A disruption that we ourselves don’t want. But we as a society cannot afford to cross the tipping points and sacrifice millions of people for the profits of a few."

Lisa Winkelmann | Photo: (c) Stefan Müller
Lisa Winkelmann
Photo: Stefan Müller

Since the beginning of November, 13 citizens of the last generation have been in preventive detention in Munich after they peacefully blocked streets there twice. Of the 17 that have since been released, four were released last Monday. One of them says he is on hunger strike until other means of protest are available to him or until climate protection demands are met. The Last Generation has already announced that more people will follow the prisoners to Munich in the coming days and weeks.

Carla Rochel outlined the expansion of the Last Generation protests at airports for the first time in the RTL program “Stern-TV” on November 6th. She said: “We will take our protest to all areas that will be affected by the climate catastrophe” and When asked, did not rule out blockades at airports. She wishes that this wasn't necessary, but it's not about a popularity contest "but about society becoming aware that we are racing towards a climate catastrophe."

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