30 days in prison “We want you all to resist on the streets”

Munich, November 05.11.2022th, 08, 30:XNUMX a.m. – It is a political novelty: Citizens of the last generation have been sitting in the Stadelheim JVA since yesterday evening and are expected to spend most of 30 days in a prison in Munich without a main trial. There is no known case in which police custody has been ordered for such a long period of time in the history of the Federal Republic.
All 13 participants had resisted the federal government's destructive and deadly course with peaceful road blockades. The 13 scientists who had been locked up in the same prison for a week were also released yesterday.
The fact is: The government is failing to meet its inadequate, self-imposed climate targets and the The 1,5 degree limit is no longer achievable.

Jacob Beyer, spokesman for the group and himself now in police custody for 30 days, addresses the public with clear words before the trip to the correctional facility: 
“We don’t want your pity. We want you all to resist on the streets. More people will come. And they will know that they could be imprisoned - just as we knew. But right and wrong are clearly divided here. It now requires your courage to stand on the right side of history now.”
Whether the resistance against this dangerous course of the federal government is successful now depends on each and every individual. 

What is already known about the numbers: 9 citizens of the last generation are safely in police custody in the Stadelheim JVA - 8 of them are expected to stay until December 2nd. The whereabouts of four others are still unclear - but a decision has already been made here and they have not been released. 4 were released.

The 30 days are preventive detention. This was requested by the police to prevent people from repeatedly gathering on the streets of Munich. The question of whether this is a democratically legitimate protest does not have to be answered - the court must rely on the police's position. A court will not decide on any charges that the public prosecutor may bring for a few months.

However, this approach has been sharply criticized from many quarters. The Jesuit priest Jörg Alt on Twitter: “I only know something like that from African dictatorships.”

The people who are now sitting in Bavarian cells are between 23 and 79 years old.
Typically they are in college, working or retired. Among them is a 63-year-old print shop owner, a mother of two, a psychologist and a 23-year-old student. What unites all of these people is the willingness to no longer simply stand by and watch the government cross one red line after another. She is breaking international law by disregarding the Paris Agreement. Their climate protection law was declared unconstitutional by Karlsruhe and then hardly improved. And the government is still missing the goals in the inadequate climate protection law.

Negotiations should actually be held about the implementation of safety measures in the event of a climate catastrophe, such as 100 km/h on the motorway and a €9 ticket on local transport. Then the protests could end.

Last Generation has already sent the invitation to a corresponding discussion on Thursday, November 10, 2022, in Berlin to the responsible members of the government.

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