Gatherings on Berlin's main traffic arteries - 100 km/h speed limit is necessary as an initial protective measure

Berlin, October 11.10.2022, 8, 15:XNUMX a.m – For the second day in a row, numerous citizens of the last generation are gathering on Berlin's main traffic arteries. With their banners they refer to the safety measure of a speed limit on German motorways, which is long overdue in the climate emergency. A majority of German citizens are also in favor of it.

October 11.10.2022th, 100 - Citizens of the last generation are calling for a speed limit of 100 on the A9 Steglitz & the return of the €XNUMX ticket for public transport.

In addition to a quick return to the 9€ ticket, speed limits of 100 km/h on German motorways are one of the most overdue safety measures in the acute climate emergency situation Aimee van Baalen (23), Press Spokesperson of the Last Generation emphasizes:

“What should we say to the people in the Ahr Valley who lost friends and family members in the flood disaster? The climate emergency is an acute catastrophe! People in Germany are dying from it! Immediate safety measures are needed: a speed limit has to be part of it anyway. So why wait until more people lose their lives?”

Aimee van Baalen | Photo: (c) Stefan Müller
Aimee van Baalen (23)

Also on the street today Solvig Schinköthe (42). She calmly explains to a passer-by why she decided to peacefully resist the government's climate paralysis:

“A speed limit of 100 on German motorways saves as much CO2 annually as approximately half a million German citizens collectively emit.[2][3] As much as living in all of Hanover! I see the forest burning in Brandenburg and, thinking about my 4 children, ask myself whether the federal government has it under control!”

Solvig Schinköthe | Photo: Marlene Charlotte Limburg
Solvig Schinkothe ​​(42)
Photo: Marlene Charlotte Limburg

The call for a speed limit is shared by a broad spectrum of society. 
A majority of Germans want a speed limit. This is the conclusion reached by a survey published in Die Zeit in April. Civil society associations such as “All for the speed limit!”, mobility and energy experts, former top politicians of the FDP and even a majority of the ADAC car club are also in favor of a speed limit. 

Yesterday a young woman was left with bleeding bruises when her hand, which had been taped, was removed from the road. The police tried several times to get people from the last generation to leave the road on their own, for example by pressing on pain-sensitive parts of their faces. Nevertheless, many people took to the streets again today. Because they sit there for life. For a good life for their children, their friends and relatives. For a good life for all of us.

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