Blindfolded on the streets – What if the government continues to ignore the climate emergency?

Berlin, October 26.10.2022, 8, 15:XNUMX a.m – Once again, supporters of the last generation are disrupting everyday life in Berlin through highway and city center blockades. Some of them sit on the street blindfolded. In doing so, they illustrate the government's response to the climate emergency. It closes its eyes to the approaching catastrophe and to scientists warning ever louder and more urgently, thereby raising the question: 'What if the government doesn't have the climate emergency under control?'.

October 26.10.2022, XNUMX - Supporters of the last generation blindfolded.
October 26.10.2022, XNUMX - Supporters of the last generation blindfolded.

Only recently, at the World Health Summit, Chancellor Olaf Scholz found frightening words for the desperate attempt by dozens of scientists to make their findings heard: “I think the best way to improve discussions is to not listen and move on.”

Jacob Beyer, speaker of the Last Generation, classifies the statement: “Of course this sentence is shocking. Unfortunately, many other politicians react similarly. They are outraged by those who so clearly demonstrate to them the government's failures in the climate emergency. They take refuge in this artificial outrage and ignore reality and their own responsibility to the population.”

Jacob Beyer
Jokob Beyer

One by one, scientists are opposing this escape from reality. They choose to break the law because their warnings about the destabilization and violent collapse of our society fall on deaf ears. Yesterday, supporters of Scientist Rebellion blocked the building of the asset manager BlackRock in Munich and started with it a series of numerous planned civil resistance actions in the city.

Even at the universities themselves, students are finding it increasingly difficult to tolerate the gap between reality and political discussion. Under the motto “End Fossil – Occupy!” Students have been occupying the largest lecture hall at the University of Göttingen since yesterday. More are to follow – across Europe.

The Last Generation, scientists from Scientist Rebellion and End Fossil: Occupy! are all part of the alliance”Unite against climate failure” for which capitulation in the climate emergency is not an option.

Winfried Lorenz | Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte
Winfried Lorenz
Photo: Marlene Charlotte Limburg

Winfried Lorenz (63), a printer by profession, explains what drives him to resolutely continue the civil resistance: “We do this because we are afraid. Because we are disappointed and angry. But above all because we still have hope. The hope that we as a society can turn things around and provide ourselves and future generations with a future worth living.”

The window of opportunity for such a turnaround is threatening to close. The 1,5 degree target has long been lost. We are heading towards and with it a much hotter world global food and water shortages. It is already clear: politicians' hesitation will have catastrophic consequences and cause incredible suffering.

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