Statement: Fire brigade rescue truck delayed due to traffic jam on A100 

According to rbb24, an accident occurred in traffic on the corner of Bundesallee and Spichernstrasse this morning, in which a cyclist was injured. The fire department confirmed to rbb24 that the emergency vehicle that was supposed to lift the truck that injured the cyclist arrived late at the scene of the accident. He was held up by a traffic jam on the A100.

Citizens of the last generation once again stopped traffic on the Berlin city highway today to ask the government to take the first security measures against climate collapse. The last generation cannot rule out that the delay of the rescue truck is due to a traffic jam caused by us. 

“We are shocked that a cyclist was injured by a truck today. We sincerely hope that her health condition has not worsened due to the delay”says Carla Hinrichs from Last Generation. “In all of our protests, the top priority is to ensure the safety of everyone participating. Of course, this also applies to all road users.”

The last generation pays careful attention to adhering to emergency lanes in their road blockades.

Aimée van Baalen, spokeswoman for the group, adds: “We don’t interrupt everyday life lightly. We wish such disruption wasn't necessary to get the government to act on the climate crisis. We have chosen this means of protest because all previously used means such as demonstrations and petitions have not brought the necessary success. The safety of everyone on our roads, including in the future, is the fundamental motivation for our actions. As soon as the government takes the first security measures against the impending climate collapse, we will immediately stop all protest actions.”

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