Scientist Rebellion and Debt for Climate are blocking BlackRock to highlight their role in expanding fossil fuel production and indebtedness in the Global South.

Munich, October 25, 2022. As part of a protest phase that lasts until November 4, 14 members of Scientists' Rebellion and another 14 from Debt for Climate the BlackRock building in Munich. Some broke into the building, 12 taped themselves, and two others performed a performance using fake oil to highlight the deadly consequences of fossil fuel investments for the global south. Shortly after the start of the operation, the police were on site with a large contingent of officers and police vehicles.

October 25.10.2022, XNUMX - Scientists from “Scientist Rebellion” and supporters of “Debt for Climate” occupy the BlackRock company building in Munich.
October 25.10.2022, XNUMX - Scientists from “Scientist Rebellion” and supporters of “Debt for Climate” occupy the BlackRock company building in Munich.

“There is no plausible way to stay below 1,5°C global warming. Our politicians know this. We call on the German government to admit its failure in climate protection and to take immediate security measures. Immediately cancel the horrendous debts of the countries that will suffer the most in a 1,5°C hotter world! It is the rich countries of the global north that have historically contributed the most to causing the climate crisis. With a 1,5°C hotter world fast approaching, canceling the global South’s debt is a matter of common sense and climate justice,” says Esteban Servat, biologist, Debt for Climate.

Esteban Servat
Esteban Servat

As part of the Unite-Against-Climate-Failure coalition, both groups are calling on the federal government to immediately write to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and advocate for the cancellation of all debts of the Global South. This is necessary to achieve a transition to a more sustainable world and prevent global climate collapse. They made the same demand last week in Berlin, where they occupied the Finance Ministry.

“I am here because nonviolence has the power to reveal the most uncomfortable truth: if we do not rebel, everything we love will be immediately destroyed by our economic system.” – Dr. Mauricio Misquero, physicist and mathematician, Scientist Rebellion.

Scientist Rebellion wants to raise public awareness that the 1,5°C limit is political fiction and, from a scientific perspective, will be exceeded in 10 years at the latest. We are already feeling the catastrophic consequences of this fictional policy today through deadly environmental disasters.

As part of the campaign, supportive actions are taking place around the world. Last Wednesday, October 19th, activists from the group ¡Ya es Ya!, including several scientists, occupied the German embassy in Panama. Scientist Rebellion Tanzania took to the streets in Dar es Salaam on October 21st demanding debt cancellation for the Global South. Scientists in Sierra Leone called on politicians to educate society about injustice and cancel debt. Demonstrations and supporting events also took place in Rwanda on October 22nd.

Scientist Rebellion is an association of international scientists and academics founded in 2021 who call for civil disobedience on the occasion of political failure in the climate crisis.

The growing movement mobilizes scientists from across Europe and is part of a coalition of non-violent civil resistance groups starting the campaign in October 2022 #UniteAgainstClimateFailure (#TogetherAgainstClimateFailure) join forces to limit the damage as quickly as possible. Coalition partners include: Last Generation, Debt for Climate, End Fossil Occupy, and Now or Never – Parents Against the Fossil Industry.

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