Scientist Rebellion is causing significant disruption to car traffic in Munich and is calling for immediate decarbonization of the transport sector

Munich, October 26, 2022, 12:30 p.m. 21 activists, including 15 scientists from Scientist Rebellion, are currently blocking Odeonsplatz Street, a main artery in the city with luxury car dealerships such as Maserati and Mercedes. They are calling for immediate decarbonization of the transport sector. They also stuck scientific articles on the subject of traffic to Mercedes shop windows. The police showed a strong presence just 20 minutes after the blockade began.

October 26.10.2022, XNUMX - Scientists are blocking Brienner Str. near Odeonsplatz next to Mercedes-Benz and calling for a decarbonization of the transport sector.
October 26.10.2022, XNUMX - Scientists are blocking Brienner Str. near Odeonsplatz next to Mercedes-Benz and calling for a decarbonization of the transport sector.

"We are here to support the last generation people who are currently blocking streets in Berlin. We disrupt the public and disrupt everyday life because climate collapse is ignored. The German government and all other powerful countries in the world are failing to adhere to the climate agreements and the 1,5°C limit. If I see that current political action, individual efforts and legal demonstrations are not enough to protect us, then I must offer non-violent resistance today to protect our society from the threatening uprisings of tomorrow.“ – Fernando Rojas, Telecommunications Engineer, Scientist Rebellion.

As part of the merger Scientist Rebellion calls on the federal government to admit its failure in climate policy: the limit to global warming of 1,5°C is no longer tenable. Scientist Rebellion further demands that we act on this failure and take immediate measures such as decarbonizing transport. Unite Against Climate Failure is calling for the introduction of a speed limit on German motorways, as well as the permanent reintroduction of the enormously successful 9 euro ticket for local public transport.

After a week of protests in Berlin, Scientist Rebellion is now continuing its protest in Munich. “Scientists from all over Europe are participating in non-violent resistance in Bavaria because Bavaria is a symbol of the failure of the entire industrialized world to protect the climate. Bavaria has no plan for transport sector emissions, does not publish details on the sources of transport emissions, has introduced the infamous 10H regulation and is actively opposing real change in mobility and energy. Bavaria is at the heart of climate denial, delay and downplaying.” – Dr. Alexander Grevel, Scientist Rebellion.

To support the actions in Germany, other actions are taking place around the world. Yesterday more than 30 people demonstrated in front of the German embassy in Kinshasa in the DR Congo. They called on the federal government to admit its political failure on climate issues and cancel the debts of the Global South. 

Ahead of its campaign in Germany, Scientist Rebellion has recruited around 2.000 scientists, academics and people the public trusts on the climate crisis as supporters. With Scientist Rebellion, they are now drawing society's attention to the fact that politicians are no longer able to adhere to the 1,5 °C limit.

Unite Against Climate Failure was founded in October 2022 as a merger of Scientists' Rebellion, Last Generation, Debt for Climate, End Fossil: Occupy!, Now or Never – Parents Against the Fossil Industry and Extinction Rebellion Berlin founded.

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