Mothers block Frankfurter Tor – What fate threatens their children if the climate emergency gets out of control?

Berlin, June 27.10.2022, 08, 10:XNUMX a.m – Today eight mothers interrupt their everyday lives at the Frankfurter Tor. Together, the Last Generation supporters stick themselves to the asphalt and bring traffic on this main artery in Berlin to a standstill. The fear that their children will grow up in a world full of war over water and food drives them to action. On the banner is the question that keeps her awake at night: “What if the government doesn’t have this under control?”

October 27.10.2022, XNUMX - Mothers are afraid for the future of their children. They express this on the Frankfurter Tor. In peaceful civil resistance.
October 27.10.2022, XNUMX - Mothers are afraid for the future of their children. They express this on the Frankfurter Tor. In peaceful civil resistance.

Cynics would certainly accuse the worried mothers of doomsday hysteria. But the opposite is the case: “I want to speak in plain language. […] If we do not reverse this development quickly, then our children and grandchildren will wage wars over water and food. The situation is that bad!” 

This quote comes not from the mothers who stick themselves on the streets today, but from Frans Timmermans, EU Commissioner for Climate Protection in relation to global warming last year on ZDF. Sonja Manderbach could close your eyes and ears to this reality, as Olaf Scholz does, for example. Instead, the mother of a 15-year-old daughter decides to take action and engage in civil resistance. Because this is the most successful means that civil society has at its disposal to defend itself against great injustice. 

Sonja Manderbach
Sonja Manderbach

"My daughter's right to life and liberty is non-negotiable. You are obliged to protect it, Mr. Scholz. Nevertheless, the Federal Constitutional Court confirms that you don't do it. I won’t accept this!”said the 45-year-old church musician.

Auch Ulrike Hurka (44) is sitting on the street today for her four children: “I'm here today because I want my children to have a better life. Just like I had it better than my parents. The solutions and safety measures are there if we as a society are brave enough to tackle them. Tempo 100 and a €9 ticket can be implemented here and now and are the beginning of a better world for our children.”

Photo: S.Geisberger

Even the Audi boss Markus Duesman demonstrates more social responsibility in this matter than a government led by Social Democrats.  The Audi manager supports a speed limit and, as a next step, is even thinking out loud about car-free days in order to save oil. He tells the SZ that he himself would ride his racing bike on the then empty highways.

In Munich yesterday, 18 scientists demonstrated responsibility while campaigning against the federal government continuing to do so. They have been in police custody ever since.

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