Chancellery beautified - On the national holiday, the last generation announces permanent motorway blockades

Berlin, October 03.10.2022, 17, 00:XNUMX a.m – Yesterday on German Unity Day, the citizens of the last generation announced permanent highway blockades starting next week. They read out a corresponding statement in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. They then painted a heart in an orange circle on the wall of the government building as a symbol of the last generation.

Two people are standing in front of the Chancellery.
October 03.10.2022rd, XNUMX - Kim Schulz and Carla Rochel (from left to right) in front of the Federal Chancellery.

On October 03, 1990, exactly 32 years ago, Germany was reunified. The Berlin Wall had fallen. For 32 years, October 03rd has been a reminder that cohesion, peace, freedom and democracy are the fundamental pillars for a good life for everyone.

The citizens of the last generation stood in front of the headquarters of the heads of government to make it clear that precisely this cohesion and this peace is threatened more dramatically today than ever before in the history of the Federal Republic. Drought, heat, forest fires and floods continue to increase. The number of people who are robbed of their belongings and loved ones by the climate crisis is already difficult to keep track of. The danger of setting off self-reinforcing effects and thus bringing about catastrophes of such terrible proportions that even the most peaceful, democratic society is bound to collapse is increasing.

Nevertheless, the federal government is failing to implement the simplest countermeasures. Speeding 100 km/h on motorways seems too restrictive and a 9 euro ticket seems too expensive. While millions of citizens no longer know how to go about their everyday lives due to increased costs and we are staring directly in the face of the collapse of our society, these simple safety measures are not being implemented.

Carla Rochel
Carla Rochel

"If the government doesn't come to its senses, we will pour onto Berlin's streets in a week and interrupt everyday life until things change - as we have already openly announced to the government. This is the only way we can seize our last chance to live a life of security and freedom“, read Carla Rochel as part of the statement to the Federal Chancellery.

Kim Schultz
Kim Schultz

"The ideas and tools to solve this deep crisis are already in our hands. What the decision-makers still lack is the courage to build a world worth living in. The courage we can muster when people come together in citizens' councils, agree on solutions and implement them“, added Kim Schultz added who was standing next to her. 

The Last Generation appears in its resistance together with other groups such as Debt4Climate and the scientists from Scientist Rebellion. This coalition joins forces to stand in the way of the failure of the federal government and thus the destruction of our society.

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