Chancellor Scholz on the resistance: “Don’t listen and carry on” World Health Summit interrupted and motorway blockages again

Berlin, June 17.10.2022, 08, 45:XNUMX a.m – Yesterday, Sunday, citizens of Scientists' Rebellion, the last generation and Debt4Climate together interrupted the opening of the World Health Summit in Berlin. As the Fire alarm triggered Chancellor Olaf Scholz commented on the resistance from the population. The last generation, which had announced on Saturday that it would “intensify” resistance, also interrupted motorway traffic on numerous exits this morning.

Karl Lauterbach in conversation with scientists from Scientist Rebellion who are blocking the entrance to the World Health Summit.
October 16.10.2022, XNUMX - Karl Lauterbach in conversation with scientists from Scientist Rebellion who are blocking the entrance to the World Health Summit.

The World Health Summit: Scientists in white lab coats and citizens in high-visibility vests protest in front of the entrance, trigger the fire alarm inside. They form the “Unite against Climate Failure” coalition and warn the immense health risks of the climate crisis.

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz takes the stage: “They do protests about climate and things like that and think it will improve our discussions. And I think the best way to improve the discussions is to not listen and move on.”

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach agrees with the resistance: “Your request is absolutely right. That’s very clear.” When asked about the campaign itself, he said: “This campaign is ok.”

Janina Meisl (30), a speech therapist and mother from Cologne, who is sitting on the street today, classifies the statements: “The climate catastrophe also threatens our health! Just a few days ago it was reported that 100.000 people in Europe have simply died this year from the extreme heat in the summer. We are all running out of time for protective intervention! And the Chancellor says the solution is: 'don't listen and carry on'? We've been asking the question since last week: What if he doesn't have it under control?"

October 16.10.2022, XNUMX - Citizens of the last generation also blocked the entrance to the World Health Summit.

Flood disasters are also increasing now: raging floods in the Ahr Valley and just a few weeks ago a third of Pakistan was under water. More than 1300 people died in Pakistan, including hundreds of children. The forecast: Extreme weather events will increase and become more severe as a result of global warming.

Jacob Beyer
Jacob Beyer (29)

Jacob Beyer (29), speaker of the Last Generation emphasizes: “The flood disasters in Pakistan and the Ahr Valley and this year's hot summer in Europe are just the harbingers of a total climate collapse. We must now respond decisively to this emergency. The government must immediately take simple security measures. Because now we still have the chance to act and save the climate!"

As the first socially and climate-friendly measures, the last generation is calling for the introduction of a 100km/h speed limit on German motorways and a 9-euro ticket for local public transport.

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