Fire alarm triggered in the Bundestag – Last generation requests safety measures in the event of a climate emergency

Berlin, June 10.10.2022, 10, 30:XNUMX a.m – At the beginning of the first week of meetings in October, people of the last generation have just triggered the fire alarm in the Bundestag and the Ministry of Transport. The blaring sirens are proclaiming the obvious: we are in a climate emergency and the government has a duty to act accordingly.

Aimee van Baalen (23), press spokeswoman for the Last Generation, is on site and explains: 
"Extreme weather will increasingly destroy crops, flood houses and paralyze infrastructure. If protective measures are not taken, the suffering, fear and despair of the people in our country will become so great that the rule of law and democracy themselves are in danger. Because we want to preserve these fundamental pillars, we must sound the alarm now.”    

Aimee van Baalen | Photo: (c) Stefan Müller
Aimee van Baalen (23)

Painted Nierobisch (19) triggered the fire alarm in the Bundestag today. Last year he saw firsthand the full violence of an increasingly unstable climate. Malte was on site as a helper during the clean-up work of the major flood disaster.

"We all have to wake up now. In the climate emergency, we now need at least the first, simple safety measures from the government: a speed limit and affordable public transport for everyone!”

Painted Nierobisch
Malte Nierobisch (19)
Photo: Marlene Charlotte Limburg

The world-famous naturalist David Attenborough issued a dire warning to the UN Security Council last year: "If the world can no longer meet our basic needs, then the rest of our civilization will quickly collapse. […] Climate change is the greatest security threat modern man has ever faced.”

In the early morning there were also several motorway blockades by supporters of the last generation in Berlin. 
They all expect the federal government to fulfill its duty: to do everything possible to protect the population in an emergency. The fact that she is avoiding this duty by simply ignoring the emergency is unacceptable and endangers all of our lives.

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