Eleventh day of disruptions – rejection of the speed limit is a slap in the face to democracy

Berlin, October 20.10.2022, 7, 30:XNUMX a.m - The request for a speed limit of 130 km/h on German motorways was rejected yesterday by the Bundestag's transport committee. Only the left, which had submitted the motion itself, agreed. In contrast, a majority of Germans have long recognized the speed limit as a necessary measure in the event of a climate emergency. 

Three people in high-visibility vests hold a banner that reads, "What if the government doesn't have this under control?" on a sign bridge over the highway.
October 20.10.2022, 100 - Blockage of a sign bridge over the AXNUMX

The supporters of the last generation feel vindicated by this deadly irresponsibility of our elected representatives. On the eleventh day of the break, they climbed back onto the steel structures on which the traffic signs above the A100 are attached. In order to remove people from there, a complete closure of Germany's largest motorway is often necessary. In order to prolong this process, many of the supporters stick themselves at a dizzy height with superglue.

Aimee van Baalen | Photo: (c) Stefan Müller
Aimee van Baalen

Aimee von Baalen, 23, speaker of the last generation finds clear words for politics: “Yesterday's decision is a slap in the face to democracy. Now, at this historic moment, it is a matter of life and death for our entire society. And those in power in this country cannot even agree on the simplest security measures. What actually happens to us citizens if the government doesn't have this under control?

Simon Lachner
Simon Lachner

"We are in an emergency where political posturing is not an option. That's why we disrupt everyday life. That's why we climb on sign bridges. We are becoming more and more and will do it again and again. The government simply cannot get away with sacrificing all of our lives for profit and ego games.”says the Regensburg engineer Simon Lachner, 24, who climbed a sign bridge today. 

The government still cannot agree on initial safety measures such as a speed limit or a permanent €9 ticket. Instead, people are being dragged to court who act out of fear for the lives of everyone in Germany. With a road blockade in January, Lisa R. wanted to make the warning calls about the collapse of society unmistakable. Yesterday she was convicted of coercion. The judge lacked the courage to acquit. Apparently, however, he secretly believes that the road blockade is not reprehensible, because the punishment is extremely lenient: 3 hours of consultation with the youth court service about whether there are legal ways to counteract climate collapse.

This continues the series of very different judgments. While on Monday Judge Dr. Last accuses a supporter of the last generation of “anti-democratic behavior” and imposes an even harsher punishment than the public prosecutor's office demanded, his direct colleague at the Tiergarten district court decides that criminal liability is ruled out from the outset, even without a trial. In the coming months, the courts will have to examine very carefully whether the rule of law protects the right of the civilian population to resist a government that has decided to stubbornly pursue a course that is fatal to democracy.

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