Announcement: expansion of peaceful resistance

Berlin, October 15.10.2022th, 11, XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. We look back on an intensive and successful first week of resistance. But the lack of reaction from the federal government forces us to expand the resistance with peaceful determination.

Announcement: expansion of peaceful resistance
October 14.10.2022, XNUMX - Prenzlau Promenade. The Last Generation has announced that it will expand peaceful resistance.
We are already noticing how everything is getting out of hand: the forests burn in the summer and energy prices explode in the winter. Large parts of the population are at risk of poverty. In plain language: We no longer have time. Because we will reach tipping points that will seal our fate if we don't act now. Our government has not yet implemented the simplest security measures. She finished the 9 euro ticket. We ask ourselves: What if the government doesn't have this under control?

We look back on an intense week. We, normal people like you and me, have repeatedly interrupted our everyday lives. We have acted again and again out of love for life, which is currently more threatened than ever before in human history.

We pulled the fire alarm several times to show that we had an emergency. We brought Berlin's largest highways to a standstill 31 times. We were taken into custody, insulted and also injured. At the same time, we are experiencing more support than ever before on the streets and on social media. Meanwhile, the government has launched a 49-euro ticket that millions of people cannot afford. These are excluded from local transport.

Today we travel across Germany without a ticket on public transport because we now need affordable local transport #ForAll. As the first and simplest security measure for the population. Why don't we continue the successful 9 euro ticket concept? 
It's a red alert. We cannot allow this to go unanswered. 

We are ordinary citizens who believe that we can do better as a society. That we can create a world in which we live together peacefully and prosperously, without fear for the future and our security. 
That's why we will intensify our peaceful resistance next week. We will not fall into the trap of hating others, even when we are hated - because we are looking for solutions for all of us. 

We would all like to avoid this disruption. Because we are not addressing the people in the cars, but rather the government. She has it in her hands: Do we continue to race towards destruction or do we choose our last chance for a safe life #ForAll?

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