Traffic blockades in several cities – against deadly fossil fuels

Berlin, September 06.09.2022th, 8, 40:XNUMX a.m – In Stuttgart, Kempten, Oldenburg, Heppenheim and Berlin, last generation citizens are blocking traffic today. In doing so, you are providing peaceful resistance to political failure in the climate crisis. The federal government must now implement the first steps such as a speed limit and free public transport.

Four people are sitting on the street in the rain wearing high-visibility vests. They hold banners with the inscription “Stop fossil madness” or “Last Generation” in their hands.
September 06.09.2022th, XNUMX - Road blockade in Oldenburg

Judith B. (42), mother of two children, explains why she is blocking traffic in Berlin today: “It has become clear to me: We must, I would even say, not sit idly by as our government formulates climate goals but does hardly anything to achieve them. Not even simple steps like a speed limit are being implemented to seriously reduce emissions. This inaction puts our children's future at risk!"

Eika (40), mother of 4 children is blocking traffic in Oldenburg today together with her eldest daughter (16): “The droughts, forest fires, falling water tables and floods are merely harbingers of the horrors of our future. We have to pull the emergency brake now! In two to three years we will no longer have a chance of preventing a deadly hot period that will bring hunger, war and flight on a scale previously unknown. Now is the time for civil, peaceful resistance.”

Henning Jeschke
Henning Jeschke

Henning Jeschke (22), co-founder of Last Generation emphasizes: “Our federal government is stumbling through this crisis without a concept. She has no plan on how to prevent the climate tipping points from being reached in the next 2-3 years. This fossil business as usual will lead our society to total collapse.” 

The federal government declares that it wants to achieve climate neutrality by 2045. This point in time is well after the critical point calculated by the last IPCC report. In doing so, it closes its eyes to reality and drives us and future generations over the cliff into the abyss of a hot period.

We are all the last generation that can avert this bleak future.

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