Road blockade remains unpunished – Munich court shares last generation's concerns

Munich, September 16.09.2022, 9, 00:XNUMX a.m. - There was only one warning in the proceedings against three Last Generation supporters at the district court in Munich. In February, the three teenagers blocked a main traffic artery in Munich to resist the federal government's catastrophic course in the climate crisis. In the trial under juvenile criminal law, they were therefore accused of coercion. However, the court today made it clear that it shared the defendants' concerns and resorted to the mildest means available.
September 16.09.2022, 20 - Luca (20), Sarah (20) & Annina (XNUMX) at their trial in the Munich District Court.
Photos: BR Abendschau from September 16.09.2022, XNUMX

Today's trial took place against the backdrop of a soon-to-be unstoppable climate catastrophe. According to UN reports, humanity is heading towards a world that is around 3 degrees hotter. Billions of people will then experience water shortages, hunger, flight and war. That's why there are now warnings about complete social collapse.

Although the consequences have been completely clear for decades, the federal government continues to adhere to a course that is driving society ever deeper into catastrophe. Therefore, the three defendants saw it as their moral duty to resist this deadly crime. 

"We all come across words like forest fires, war, droughts, heat deaths, and the end of human civilization almost every day in connection with global warming. Instead of turning a blind eye to it, I want to acknowledge the fact that we are in a climate emergency and are not acting appropriately. I believe it is my duty to fight against it.Annina Oberrenner (20) tells the court at the beginning of the hearing.

During the trial, the defendants also repeatedly made it clear that they would respect the court's decision, but that they still intended to engage in civil resistance, regardless of the verdict. Even if that means they have to block roads again.

In its verdict, the court made it clear that it shared the defendants' concerns. It also expressly recognizes that the measures taken to combat global warming are far too small at the core. The judge issued a warning against the three Last Generation supporters. This is the least possible remedy in the Youth Criminal Justice Act if the court cannot come to the clear position of an acquittal. Such a warning does not entail any further legal consequences.

"I see this as a certain success. With its ruling, the court made it clear that resisting the government's destruction of our livelihoods does not constitute criminal behavior.” Luca Thomas (20) classifies the court verdict.

Luca Thomas (20)

"Even though I would have liked the court to find the courage to acquit us and thus stand with us against the government's deadly course.” continues Thomas. 

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