Oil delivery for Lindner - election campaign interruption in Oldenburg

Oldenburg, September 16.09.22, 16, 30:XNUMX p.m – Several committed people interrupted a speech by Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner at an FDP election campaign event in Oldenburg today. They mingled with the audience, put on high-visibility vests and poured oil in front of the speakers' stage. Some of them are also active in the Last Generation. With the campaign they want to draw attention to the destructive consequences of fossil fuels.

September 16.09.2022, XNUMX - Citizens of the last generation hold up a banner at the FDP's election campaign event in Oldenburg: "Stop the fossil madness". Christian Lindner refers to this in his speech.

The action took place in response to a recently published interview with Lindner in which, among other things, he calls for oil drilling in the North Sea and the full utilization of fracking capacities.

Eika Jacob (40) explains: “Such statements are shocking. As part of the government, Christian Lindner has committed to its climate goals. Further investments in fossil fuels will make achieving these goals impossible and put all of our futures at risk!"
And further: "Everyone must finally become aware that burning more dirty oil that destroys the climate is no reason to be happy. As soon as Lindner stands in the smelly puddle of oil that he was just longing for, his smile disappears."

Sonja Manderbach
Sonja Manderbach

Sonja Manderbach (44) "If Lindner really wants more oil instead of finally taking the simplest cost-cutting measures, such as a speed limit, he will get his first delivery from us. He and the rest of the government must finally understand what a catastrophe they are dragging us and future generations into!"

It was only in July of this year that the federal government announced that It is neither preparing new oil drilling nor checking to what extent these would be possible.

A U-turn would be a fatal step in the wrong direction.

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