German released again – still determined after 16 days of solitary confinement in Sweden

Stockholm, August 03.09.2022, XNUMX – Great joy in front of the Stockholm district court: After 16 days in custody, Christian Bläul (40) is free again. The physicist and father of two was at a peaceful sit-in by our Swedish sisters campaign on August 17th.Återställ Våtmarker“ (“Restoring Wetlands”) was arrested. Now he is looking forward to seeing his family again at home in Dresden. He doesn't know his verdict yet; it will be announced on September 16th. 

August 17.08.2022, XNUMX - Christian Bläul with Återställ Våtmarker & Extinction Rebellion Sweden in Stockholm. Photo: The Pilgrim

"I am particularly pleased to be able to attend my daughter's 16th birthday on SundayBläul said with relief after his dismissal. It was not clear to him how long he would be locked up while he was in prison. Now he knows it was 16 days. No one has been detained longer than him for climate protest in Sweden.

Bläul was alone in his cell for 23 hours a day while in custody. According to the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, prisoners in solitary confinement can suffer great psychological and physical harm. Bläul says he could have tolerated the loneliness well. The solidarity from outside, which also reached him in his cell, would have helped him. In a statement after his dismissal he expressed his gratitude: “I received letters from 64 people.“He will answer all of them.

Christian Bläul

Bläul remains determined to carry out civil resistance: “No government is doing anywhere near enough to prevent a deadly climate catastrophe. Not the Swedish one, and not the German one either. That's why I will continue to take part in roadblocks."

Bläul will find out his verdict in about two weeks. He expects a fine or probation. Berliner Kevin Hecht (30) is still in custody in Stockholm. On August 22nd, he took part in a blockade campaign in Sweden in solidarity with Bläul's imprisonment. His court hearing will take place on September 6th.

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