4 months probation – Berliner sentenced after road blockade in Sweden

September 07.09.2022, XNUMX, Stockholm | Berliner Kevin Hecht (30) was sentenced to a suspended sentence and released from custody yesterday for his work against the climate catastrophe in Stockholm. The computer scientist spent over two weeks there after he arrived on September 22.09nd. took part in a road blockade by the Swedish resistance project Återställ Våtmarker (“Restore Moors”).

22.08.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX - Kevin joined the Återställ Våtmarker protest in solidarity with Christian.

Hecht was sentenced to four months probation in Sweden for “sabotage”. However, he believes his commitment to all of our lives is right. At the public hearing in the Tingsrätt (district court) he says: “Regardless of whether this court judges my actions today to be sabotage or not, I accept the consequences. Because the value of my personal freedom is disproportionate to the climate catastrophe."

Kevin Hecht
Kevin Hecht (30)

Even spending over two weeks in prison does not change Hecht's belief that he did the right thing. If it is legal to destroy nature, cultural assets and people for profit, it feels right to go to prison for climate justice, he clarified in a letter from prison before his release.

Dresden father Christian Bläul was also recently released. Like Hecht, he had spent 16 days in Swedish custody after a road blockade.

Återställ Våtmarker is one of eleven Last Generation sister campaigns. Each of these campaigns aims to achieve locally appropriate climate legislation in their country through actions of peaceful civil resistance. The association of these international resistance projects is called the A22 network. Its most important financial backer is Climate Emergency Fund.

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