Pretrial detention in Sweden – another Last Generation supporter in Swedish prison

Stockholm/Berlin, August 24.08.2022th, 16, 00:XNUMX p.m. – Kevin Hecht (30), supporter of the Last Generation from Berlin, remains in custody after a court hearing today.

Kevin Hecht stands on the street with a banner that reads "Save oil instead of drilling." People from “Återställ Våtmarker” also sit around him with high-visibility vests and banners with the organization's name.
August 22.08.2022, XNUMX - Kevin Hecht at a blockade of the Återställ Våtmarker in Sweden

Hecht, who works as a computer scientist in Germany, peacefully blocked a highway with a sit-in in Stockholm on Monday, August 22.08.2022nd, 19, together with XNUMX other people.

The action of the Swedish sister organization of the Last Generation 'Återställ Våtmarker' (Restoring Wetlands) was directed against further peat mining in Sweden and was in solidarity with the German father of the family Christian Bläul (40) instead.

Bläul has been in Swedish custody since August 17.08.2022, 26.08 following a peaceful motorway blockade until at least August XNUMX. In both proceedings, the Swedish public prosecutor's office is examining whether fast-track charges will be brought. In this case, the detentions of both may last even longer.

Kevin Hecht
Kevin Hecht

Before his arrest, Kevin Hecht said: “The drama and speed with which the effects of the climate catastrophe are already evident today do not stop at national borders. That's why I support the protest by 'Återställ Våtmarker' and show that we won't be deterred by the threat of imprisonment! Because we only have 2-3 years left to stop the deadly climate collapse.”

Carla Hinrichs
Carla Hinrichs

Carla Hinrichs, one of the Last Generation speakers, explains: “Christian Bläul and Kevin Hecht are the first citizens ever to be imprisoned in Sweden for their climate activism. We will not let the threat of prison stop us from doing everything necessary to stop climate tipping points and the destruction of our civilizations.”

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