Nuremberg Father Dr. Jörg Alt blocks main road in Nuremberg

More and more people are joining the resistance - a foretaste of a turbulent autumn

Nuremberg, August 16.8th – This Tuesday afternoon at 100 seconds before 12, the Jesuit Father Dr. Jörg Alt walked the Altstadtring together with the hunger striker Henning Jeschke, other Nuremberg residents of the last generation and Extinction Rebellion.

3 people block the street while sitting. 2 of them hold a banner that says "Last Generation". In the background there are several tripods on the street with people hanging on them. There are many people on the street.
August 16.08.2022, XNUMX - Jörg Alt blocks the road in Nuremberg with the Last Generation

Jörg Alt SJ: “In the climate emergency, the church has a duty to remind the government of its moral responsibility to the people.”
Most recently, his public rescue of discarded food from supermarket bins led to discussions about civil disobedience - while climate-related famines continue to spread and our food prices rise.

The doomsday clock from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists shows: For us humans it is currently 100 seconds to twelve. Shortly before twelve local time, the citizens, including the nationwide well-known Jesuit priest, brought the Altstadtring in front of Nuremberg Central Station to a standstill in both directions. The prominent local support includes, among others, Father Klaus Väthröder, retired MP Hermann Imhof (CSU) and retired MP Uwe Kekeritz (Greens). The broad alliance shows that more and more parts of society are joining the determined resistance on the streets and trying to stop the government's deadly course. They are giving up their obedience to the fossil fuel elite - with the vision of a better world in their pockets. People play live piano music on the street, a sofa and potted plants invite you to linger.

Henning Jeschke
Henning Jeschke

Henning Jeschke, 22 (Co-founder Last Generation): “I was on hunger strike for 27 days until I was in the intensive care unit. Then Chancellor Olaf Scholz was ready to talk to us about his responsibility in the climate catastrophe. A year later, Europe is engulfed in forest fires and the simplest steps to end global mass murder are still missing. Bavaria in particular is the national symbol of climate failure - nowhere is the political lack of planning more obvious than here. So it is exactly the right place to, together with the church, remind the federal government of its responsibility in the face of the moral neglect of our society: How can it be that all federal and state governments use money for dirty oil to finance wars like the one in Ukraine , a few rich people and their oil companies grab the profits tax-free and the common population can't afford their food in the coming winter?"

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann

Ernst Hörmann, 72 (Last generation): “We must act now because our lives depend on it; and that of our children. We know from history: If we peacefully and resolutely oppose the death march of our society, we can bring about rapid change. We now need more people in civil resistance who will take to the streets with us in the fall to turn things around and avert climate catastrophe. Because the collapse of our society is not an option for any of us.”

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