Glued to the painting again – catastrophe takes away hope for a secure future

Berlin August 25.08.2022, 15, 00:XNUMX p.m Uhr – Two supporters of the last generation worked on the painting “Rest on the Flight to Egypt” this afternoon. by Lucas Cranach glued in the Berlin Picture Gallery. Because there will no longer be a safe refuge on a world that is 2 or 4 degrees hotter.

Lina Eichler and Maja Winkelmann each stick their hands on one side of the painting “Rest on the Flight to Egypt” by Lucas Cranach. Between them they hold a banner with the inscription “Last Generation”. Their T-shirts say "Last Generation - Stop the Fossil Madness!".
25.08.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX - Maja Winkelmann and Lina Eichler (from left to right) have glued themselves to the painting “Rest on the Flight to Egypt” by Lucas Cranach

The artwork shows Mary with little Jesus, gaining strength on their flight to Egypt. They flee from Herod, who is after the life of Jesus. Maria longs for a future in which her child can live in safety and does not have to fear for his existence.

Mary and Jesus were on their way to a safe refuge. However, humanity is currently on the fast track to a deadly climate catastrophe.

Lina Eichler
Lina Eichler

Lina Eichler (19), who dropped out of high school to join the Last Generation civil resistance, explains:
“I stuck to this painting today to fight for a safe future for us and all children. We must now gather our strength, like Mary in the touching painting, and work to ensure that we and the children of this world can look to the future with hope again. A future in which they are not threatened by droughts and floods and do not have to fear wars.”

Maya Winkelmann
Maya Winkelmann

Maya Winkelmann (24) explains her motivation for sticking to the painting:
“Maria represents all of us here in the painting, because we all long for a secure future for our families and friends. We must now offer peaceful resistance to save them. We have no more time to lose because the climate catastrophe has already begun.”

The Last Generation is part of the international A22 Network, which carries out peaceful actions of civil resistance in 10 countries around the world against the lack of action on the impending climate catastrophe. 

The A22 Network emphasizes in its statement on the crisis:  “We are not here to make a statement, to make a request or to entertain. We are here to bring about the change that is necessary. We are here to force governments to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, nothing less.”

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