German father in Swedish prison

Stockholm, August 22.08.2022, XNUMX - Christian Bläul was arrested on Wednesday, August 17.08.2022, 9 in Stockholm after he campaigned for more climate protection during a peaceful sit-in there. The German family man and supporter of the Last Generation was detained by a court in summary proceedings for at least 26.08 days. Bläul will therefore be available until at least Friday, August XNUMXth. remain in a Swedish prison while a decision is now made about further prosecution.

Christian Bläul during a sit-in with other people on the street.
Christian Bläul at a road blockade in Sweden - Photo: DanniPilger

The Swedish authorities are taking particularly tough action in this case. Never been a supporter of Last Generation or its Swedish sister organization “Återställ Våtmarker” (Restore Wetlands) in captivity for so long.

Christian Bläul
Christian Bläul

“I stand by what I do and will appear at all court hearings. It is important to act now, also internationally, because the climate catastrophe does not stop at the borders.", shared Christian Bläul to the court before his sentencing.

The sit-in in which Bläul took part took place together with “Återställ Våtmarker” (Restore Wetlands). This Swedish sister organization of the Last Generation is calling on the Swedish government to ban peat mining and restore wetlands. Both are part of the A22 network, under which campaigns of peaceful civil resistance have now come together in 9 countries. The impending climate collapse does not stop at national borders, just as the urgent countermeasures do not, which is why civil resistance does not either.

This morning, citizens of “Återställ Våtmarker” together with other organizations peacefully blocked a highway near Stockholm. Also a supporter of the last generation.

Carla Hinrichs
Carla Hinrichs

Carla Hinrichs (Press spokeswoman for the Last Generation) states: “We are in a global crisis, the earth is burning. That's why it's important that we also demand more action against the climate catastrophe at the international level. We will not allow ourselves to be deterred from our commitment to the future of our children and all people. Not even about prison sentences!”

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