Cease and desist declaration after pipeline action – “I will not be silenced”

July 13.7.2022, XNUMX - Raúl Semmler objects to a cease-and-desist declaration from PCK Raffinerie GmbH, according to which he is not allowed to “distribute or have distributed” any photos or videos of his civil resistance at the PCK pipeline. Semmler, actor and screenwriter, filmed the PCK pipeline several times this year together with other people from the last generation. In doing so, they want to draw attention to the coming irreparable destruction of our livelihoods through fossil fuels.

May 16.05.2022, XNUMX - Raúl Semmler closes the emergency valve of the PCK pipeline in Borrentin.

Raúl Semmler on the cease and desist declaration that the PCK sent to him through a law firm: "Our protest worked – The pipeline operator PCK itself says that the entire system had to be shut down and that they were able to earn up to 99.999 euros less money by destroying our future. Now I am no longer supposed to enter their facilities, no longer turn off pipelines, and no longer distribute pictures and videos of my previous actions."

And he turns to his fellow human beings: "I am contesting this cease and desist declaration because I do not want to be silenced. Help us and spread the photos of the protests at the oil pipeline. The window of opportunity to avert a world hostile to life is closing and with it the window of opportunity to avert billions of suffering.”

If he does not comply with the cease and desist declaration, The company threatened him with a fine of up to €250.000 or even up to 6 months in prison, Semmler continued.

When asked why he turned off the pipeline peacefully, he added: "Here property must be weighed against the right to life. Our actions show that pipelines like PCK's continue to transport crude oil and further destroy our environment and livelihoods. And that they enrich themselves from it. I prevented that for a moment."

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