Tour de France disrupted – 3 more years to decide the fate of humanity!

Gråsten, July 03.07.2022rd, XNUMX, 17:00 p.m. - On Sunday, the Tour de France, the largest annual sporting event in the world, was disrupted by climate activists from the Last Generation and the newly formed Sidste Generation. Her message: “The fate of humanity could be decided in the next three years! What will you do?". Further disruptions to significant events will be announced.

Tour de France disrupted – 3 more years to decide the fate of humanity!
July 03.07.2022rd, XNUMX - Citizens of the last generation and the middle generation block the Tour de France near Gravenstein.
Photo: Jakob Andersen (private photo).

Climate activists entered the Tour de France section in Gråsten, Denmark, on Sunday. “Stop the fossil madness” and “Only 999 days left” could be read on the banners that the climate activists unfurled when the peloton was still about 5 km away. This distance was deliberately chosen to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

In a video that those involved released today, you can see how the front vehicles of the tour come to a stop in front of the climate protectors sitting on the street.

“We really regret disrupting the Tour de France. But when the world threatens to go up in flames and all warnings have brought nothing, then it is our duty to send a global alarm signal. “We are not prepared to stand on the sidelines cheering while our governments commit this unimaginable crime,” explains Kristoffer Krogh (21), one of the Danish climate activists who disrupted the Tour de France.

Kristoffer Krogh

Peaceful civil resistance initiatives similar to Sidste Generation and Last Generation are currently carrying out such disruptions in 22 countries under the common name “A10 Network”. A supporter of the French “Last Renovation” chained her neck to the tennis net at the French Open final and supporters of Britain’s “Just Stop Oil” campaign hit the track at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

As long as the respective governments do not turn back from their deadly, human rights-violating course, there will be peaceful disruptions at numerous other major events in order to direct the public's focus on the knowing destruction of our society. These disruptions will focus on the upcoming big events with the whole world watching. The Tour de France has also just begun.

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