Statement: End of the blockades – 2-3 years to decide: Where do you stand?

Olaf Scholz is not a climate chancellor! 

Olaf Scholz has not backed away from new oil drilling in the North Sea in recent weeks.

He didn't even grant us an explanation, the hundreds of citizens who waged four weeks of peaceful civil resistance against his government's deadly course.

New oil, gas and coal is fossil madness. Fossil madness that is already plunging millions of people in the global south and us into immeasurable human suffering.

Last generation roadblock. The 3 blockers in the foreground hold hands peacefully and resolutely while sitting on the street in high-visibility vests. A police car can be seen in the background.
July 15.07.2022, XNUMX - Determined citizens peacefully block the street

We are no longer standing neutrally on the sidelines and watching as our society goes to the dogs because of the fossil fuel addiction of individuals. We resolutely resisted again for several weeks. We overcame our fear of violence, solitary cells and criminal proceedings over 92 times and stopped the highways in the heart of politics, in Berlin. Dozens of people spent their nights locked in solitary cells at the police station after passers-by dragged them off the street and insulted them.

We will always overcome our fear, because there is no neutrality in a deadly system!

The vision of a socially just future in which politics and people protect our livelihoods and live together instead of drowning in wars over water and food drives us to bring more people into the resistance.

That's why we're now interrupting our acts of resistance to invite more people to participate in hundreds of lectures and train them. All because of an urgent desire to protect our children and grandchildren and to create a world that is an improvement for everyone, not just for a few wealthy people. Acting in accordance with the emergency and taking the whole of society with you, free public transport and parks instead of motorways must be the urgent start.

If the government does not back down from its destructive course, we will come back to Berlin in the fall and take society's will to survive onto the streets.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we still have 2 to 3 years. What will you do?

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