Summer break despite the emergency? – Last generation blocks sign gantries on A100

Berlin, October 04.07.2022, 8 15:XNUMX a.m – In order to prevent the climate catastrophe from escalating, this morning last generation citizens are once again stuck on the road of the Berlin A100 city motorway. For a future worth living without new oil drilling in the North Sea, the climate protectors are even intensifying their resistance actions at the beginning of the third week and fixating themselves on sign bridges over the motorway.

A100 blocked with sign bridge
July 04.07.2022th, 100 - Citizens of the last generation are blocking the sign gantries on the AXNUMX.

With their actions, the Last Generation continues to call on Chancellor Scholz to live up to his self-imposed title as so-called 'climate chancellor'. He should take a clear position against new oil drilling in the North Sea. The resistance groups do not want to accept that the Chancellor will say goodbye to the summer break despite the acute climate emergency. To this end, the peaceful blockers are holding up posters today: “Missing! Climate Chancellor.”

One of the blockades today is accompanied by one of the most important people in the climate movement; Electrical engineer and co-founder of Fridays for Future, Janine O'Keeffe (58). The native Australian is convinced: The time to enter into civil resistance has come.

"We watch the climate collapse as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calls our politicians, our governments, criminals for failing to address the climate emergency. Criminal because they allow new coal and fossil fuel projects!

Janine O'Keeffe
Janine O'Keeffe

We, the climate movements, have been taking increasingly stronger actions for decades. The last generation continues this peaceful civil resistance sensibly, courageously and involuntarily.
To protect their own lives and the lives of many, because as Johan Rockström says: “All life is threatened!

Henning Jeschke (22), co-founder of the Last Generation, adds: “We are running out of time! We still have two to three years to do something about the climate catastrophe. In the future, droughts, deadly heat waves and scarcity of resources, floods, displacement and hunger will become part of our everyday lives."

Henning Jeschke
Henning Jeschke

He goes on to say: “And what is the Scholz government doing? She is leaving her people alone in this catastrophe! Scholz promises to be a 'climate chancellor', but plans to take his summer break - i.e. watch the climate collapse and do nothing! That's why we will continue to carry out peaceful civil resistance until the government speaks out against new oil drilling in the North Sea!"

The movement does not give up hope for a future worth living. Citizens are prepared to go to prison for this. With today's actions and the support of more and more well-known faces of the climate protection movement like O'Keeffe, the Last Generation wants to invite more people to join the civil resistance. Anyone interested can take part at any time Lecture and Training .

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