Summer break in the middle of the climate emergency – not a day without resistance against a criminal government

Berlin, October 08.07.2022, 8, 00:XNUMX a.m - “The climate catastrophe doesn’t take a summer break!” The Last Generation is calling on the self-proclaimed 'climate chancellor' Olaf Scholz to speak out against newly planned oil drilling in the North Sea. For the fifth day in a row, the resistance of climate activists against the government's crimes continues. A simple declaration that acknowledges the right to life of the young and poor would put an end to it all for the time being. But Olaf Scholz can't bring himself to do that. The Climate Chancellor is still missing.

July 08.07.2022, XNUMX - Searched, but still not found: the Climate Chancellor.

Today, three supporters of the initiative are even walking through the rows of cars on the highway looking for him. In their hands they hold posters on which it is written: “Climate Chancellor missing!”.

Although violence against citizens through punches and kicks is increasing, they are determined to continue to work for a future worth living. Carla Hinrichs (25), press spokeswoman for the Last Generation:

“New oil drilling in the North Sea will bring the climate catastrophe to the extreme! We demand that the government protects our natural basis of life instead of disappearing into the summer break! Time is short. That's why Mr. Scholz must act immediately. Taking a vacation now is irresponsible! The climate catastrophe is not taking a break either!”.

Carla Hinrichs
Carla Hinrichs

Ernst Hörmann (72), retired mechanical engineer and grandfather of 8 grandchildren, has been blocking Berlin's streets almost every day with the Last Generation since mid-June. He explains his reasons for engaging in peaceful civil resistance as follows:

“I am angry that people’s suffering is being ignored. We are already feeling the catastrophic effects of the climate emergency today: droughts in northern Italy and fires in Brandenburg. Our children and grandchildren will suffer from water shortages, floods and wars. To prevent this from happening, we have to act now!”

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann

Instead of extracting massive amounts of oil from the Wadden Sea nature reserve, those resisting are calling for cost-effective and quick measures for climate protection. They suggest both a speed limit and free local transport as options.

In recent days there has been increasing criticism of the safety concept of the motorway blockades. In particular, there was an allegation that ambulances' paths were being blocked by people stuck to the road. However, citizens carefully plan to make rescue lanes possible for every blockage: everyone is never fixed on the asphalt at the same time, so that an emergency lane is always available.

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