Judges do not recognize climate collapse - statement from the last generation

Our federal government is racing towards the collapse of our society. The peaceful citizens of the last generation are resolutely standing in the way of this and selflessly accepting imprisonment for it. In 2022, as Europe dries up, there is no neutrality. That's why the citizens asked the judges they were brought before yesterday afternoon to clearly position themselves:

July 12.07.2022, XNUMX - Citizens accept imprisonment

“If you release me, I will stick myself directly on the nearest motorway exit and put myself in the way of the deadly system. The decision is yours: lock me up or release me so that I can continue to work to protect our constitution,” said Lars Werner, in a similar way to all other last generation citizens detained by the police yesterday Evening in front of the judge.

Lars Werner
Lars Werner

The judges sentenced 25 peaceful citizens to extended custody overnight.

“In an attempt to maintain the orderly flow of everyday fossil fuels without disruption, the judiciary does not recognize that the security and order of all of us is massively endangered by the government's criminal actions. In summer 2022, while weather services predict a massive heat wave“We must expect the judges of this country to take responsibility in the climate emergency.”

All citizens who had to be released that evening because the judges no longer had time to judge them blocked the highway again the next morning.

July 12.07.2022, XNUMX - Lars Werner is arrested

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