Greta Thunberg – Confidant demands response from criminal government

Berlin, July 05.07.2022th, 08 00:XNUMX a.m – Traffic on the highways around Berlin is at a standstill. For the second time this week, the third week in a row. The citizens of the last generation have once again glued themselves to the road to resist the deadly course that the Scholz government has taken in the escalating climate catastrophe. They are demanding a declaration from Olaf Scholz before the summer break that there will be no new oil drilling in the North Sea.

An older man sits in front of a car on the street. He sits facing the camera. He wears an orange high-visibility vest and holds a banner that reads "North Sea oil? Nope!". Photo: Mark Dominik Bürkle

But it's not just ordinary citizens who are no longer watching as human rights, the constitution and everything we need to live are being thrown to fossil fuel madness. Together with the Last Generation, scientists from the Scientist Rebellion group and one of the most influential people in the Fridays for Future movement are now bringing everyday life to pause.

Janine O'Keeffe is one of the co-founders of Fridays for Future. She has supported Greta Thunberg since her very first school strike in front of the Swedish parliament in August 2018. It was also her who did it created the first Facebook page for Fridays for Future and was responsible for its public appearance as the movement gained worldwide fame. Greta Thunberg's confidant is convinced: The time to enter into civil resistance has come. The actions of governments are criminal and they have not allowed less disruptive means to deter their crimes.

Janine O'Keeffe
Janine O'Keeffe

"We, the climate movements, have been taking increasingly stronger actions for decades. The last generation continues this peaceful civil resistance sensibly, courageously and reluctantly. To protect their own lives and the lives of many, because as Johan Rockström says: 'All life is threatened!'” like that Janine O'Keeffe literally, while blocking one of the state capital's main arteries. 

Lea Bonasera | Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte Limburg
Leah Bonasera (24)
Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte Limburg

"Deadly heat waves, floods, flight and hunger will also make our lives hell in Germany if we continue to drill for oil. Olaf Scholz has decided to stubbornly ignore this. Where is a German climate chancellor when the population needs him? Does he just go on summer break and abandon people?” arranges Leah Bonasera, co-founder of Last Generation, today's actions. 

The scientists would like to make it clear with their presence on the streets today that the climate is on the verge of tipping point and that we are therefore in a global emergency.

Prof. Dr. Nicholas Froitzheim

"The fact that our government wants to develop new fossil fuels in this situation is a crime against the countries most affected and a crime against our children and grandchildren. As a scientist, I resist this", says Prof. Dr. Nicholas Froitzheim while he sticks himself to the road with superglue.

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