Citizens declare war on climate collapse - government goes on vacation.

Berlin, October 06.07.2022, 8, 00:XNUMX a.m – Inhumane heat waves and droughts prevail in Italy, Portugal and Spain. But as the climate crisis escalates in Europe, German politicians are preparing for the summer break. Given the complete failure of the Scholz government, the climate protectors of the last generation continue to desperately search for the 'climate chancellor'. They are blocking the highways again.

During today's morning blockades, citizens hold up signs: "Where is the Climate Chancellor?" it reads accusingly. To this day, the search for decisive, constructive action in the catastrophe is characterized by failure. A complete failure of the government with far-reaching consequences for all of our lives.

I know that too Leah Bonasera (24), co-initiator of the Last Generation:
"What is currently happening in Italy, Portugal and Spain is just a bitter foretaste of the years to come. The climate catastrophe is already a reality. It will not stop at Germany. Can a climate chancellor really afford to go on summer break during this time?"

Lea Bonasera | Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte Limburg
Leah Bonasera (24)
Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte Limburg

"The current path of the government is anti-people. Today's politics threaten us all. And all future generations!“, continues Bonasera.

The Federal Constitutional Court also came to this conclusion when it approved the measures against global warming last April found to be inadequate. The physical basis of human existence must not be jeopardized under any circumstances. However, this is exactly what is threatened by the Chancellor's current ignorance.

With its grave silence, the federal government is not only turning against the future of its citizens under protection. She also breaks the in Art. 20a GG established, constitutional order. It says: “The state, also responsible for future generations, protects the natural foundations of life (…) through executive power and jurisprudence.”

In any case, the climate protectors are not giving up. They will continue their peaceful civil resistance. They continue to block highways. Until the Federal Chancellor takes a stand against new oil drilling in the North Sea.

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