A100 blocked for hours - summer break while life is in danger?

Berlin, October 04.07.2022, 12, 00:XNUMX a.m - Since this morning at 08:00 a.m., citizens of the last generation have been unignorably blocking traffic in Berlin for the third week in a row. The Last Generation explains that the blockades will continue today and in the coming days.

July 04.07.2022th, 100 - Citizens have been blocking the AXNUMX in Berlin for hours. Photo: Dominik Bürkle

Former carpenter trainee Jacob Beyer (28), who has been blocking the A08 since 30:100 a.m. on a sign bridge, states: “We're still blocking traffic. We regret that. However, we can no longer afford for the Chancellor to continue to completely ignore the impending destruction of our society. It's a matter of life and death and the Chancellor wants to go on summer break?"

Jacob Beyer
Jacob Beyer

Christian Bläul (40) Father and qualified physicist, who has already blocked the A100 once today, emphasizes: “I and others will take to the streets of Berlin once again today, because it cannot be that the Scholz government goes into summer break while we are heading towards the destruction of our society. First comes work, then comes pleasure, Mr. Scholz."

Christian Bläul

The last generation is demanding a declaration that there should be no drilling for oil in the North Sea and steps towards saving instead of drilling. Free local transport and a speed limit would be the first easy steps to implement.

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