Missing: Climate Chancellor wanted – reports of missing persons to the Chancellery

Berlin, October 25.06.2022, 11, 00:XNUMX a.m – The citizens of the last generation filed a missing person report today. Olaf Scholz, who took office as climate chancellor, is missing. They posted large missing person notices around the Chancellery. The police were on site, but could not stop the peaceful climate activists from their desperate search.

June 25.06.2022, XNUMX - The Berlin police stop the search for the missing climate chancellor.

"We are looking for the Climate Chancellor! He was last seen in September 2021 during the federal election campaign. His name is Olaf Scholz, he is 64 years old and approx. 1.70m tall. 
Information is urgently requested, as the irreparable destruction of humanity's livelihood is imminent.
”, can be read in the missing persons report.

Olaf Scholz campaigned for himself in the federal elections with “Climate Chancellor” on election posters. However, since he took up his chancellorship, the urgently needed measures have been missing. While Brandenburg is burning for the second time in a week on an area of ​​over 300 hectares, he even wants to drill for oil in the North Sea.

Aimee von Baahlen (22), spokeswoman for the search operation: “We are looking for Olaf - We urgently need an explanation from him that there will be no new North Sea oil!"

Aimee van Baalen
Aimee von Baahlen

"We urgently need a climate chancellor! Otherwise there will be extreme heat and forest fires like the ones we are currently seeing in Brandenburg getting worse and worse. Already have to hundreds evacuated ."

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