Interrupted: Athletics Championships – “3 more years” will decide the fate of humanity

Berlin, Olympic Stadium, June 26.06.2022, 17, 08:XNUMX p.m – The German Athletics Championships in Berlin were disrupted today by supporters of the peaceful citizens’ movement “Last Generation”. “3 more years” and “North Sea oil? Nope!” could be read on their T-shirts.

Interrupted: Athletics Championships - “3 more years” will decide the fate of humanity
June 26.06.2022, XNUMX - Two citizens of the last generation interrupt the high jump competition in the Olympic Stadium.
The T-shirts say: “3 more years” (left) & “North Sea oil? Nope!” (right).

Jakob Beyer and Kristoffer Krogh are referring to the statement of former British government advisor Professor Sir David King, who warned last year: “We still have 3-4 years left to decide the future of humanity.” The government must act now to prevent tipping points from being crossed and civilization collapsing due to resource struggles 

In order to be able to experience athletics events in the future, they disrupt today's event and chain their necks to the high jump stands with cable ties. Because in a world in which the climate is collapsing and people have to fight for resources such as water or food, there will no longer be such events. 

Jacob Beyer (28), who broke off his apprenticeship as a carpenter in order to carry out peaceful civil resistance, explains his motives in a video message: 
"I'm about to disrupt the athletics finals in Berlin. I feel extremely uncomfortable doing this. But it is important to draw attention in all areas of society to the fact that we only have 3 years left to stop climate collapse and thus the irreparable destruction of our livelihoods."

Kristoffer Krogh (21) explains: “I simply cannot accept that my little sister's future is being destroyed by big corporations and irresponsible governments. We all know this fossil fuel madness is killing us. Leads us into wars and famine. That millions of people are already suffering from it, and that billions of people will be displaced in my lifetime because of the climate catastrophe if appropriate action is not taken in the next few years. Nevertheless, the federal government wants to drill for North Sea oil."

Kristoffer further emphasizes: “We need an explanation from Olaf Scholz that there will be no new North Sea oil. We now have to save oil instead of drilling, for example through a speed limit and free public transport."

Since June 18th, the Last Generation has been blocking streets in Berlin again and again. 

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