Tennis final interrupted – we still have 3 years left

OWL Arena Halle Westphalia, 15:30 p.m – A young supporter of the peaceful climate protest movement “Last Generation” peacefully interrupted the final of the Wortmann Open between Daniil Medvedev and Hubert Hurkacz today. Her T-shirt read “3 more years.” With this, the young woman, Lina Eichler, unignorably points out that, according to science, we only have 3 years left in the climate emergency to decide against the suffering and death of billions of people.

A person is taken away from a tennis court by security. She wears a shirt that says “3 more years.”
June 19.06.2022, XNUMX - Lina Eichler is taken away by security after she peacefully interrupted the tennis game

"I'm very afraid of peacefully disrupting the final of the Wortmann Open tennis tournament. However, I firmly believe that this disruption is justified given the impending, irreversible destruction of our society. The government is clearly not creating change. Now we all have 3 YEARS left”said Lina Eichler in a short statement before entering the tennis arena.

Lina Eichler
Lina Eichler

"The political class acts criminally. That's why we can't just look away and continue to live as if everything were normal. Not if we want to survive. I asked myself how I wanted to spend these three years and decided on peaceful resistance.” so Eichler continue.
"Come to the lecture and listen to our plan. Then we'll see each other on the street in Berlin.“ exclaims the fellow member of the last generation.

The “Last Generation” campaign had previously announced that it would again disrupt the streets and highways in Berlin from June 20th with hundreds of demonstrators. They are demanding a declaration from Olaf Scholz not to approve any new oil drilling in the North Sea.

This is not the first time that the 19-year-old native of Dortmund has publicly resisted the threat of final annihilation. She was already involved in the hunger strike before the federal election, during which a public conversation with Olaf Scholz was achieved. At the end of January, Eichler dropped out of high school, less than four months before graduating. From then on, she resisted the federal government's deadly course on Berlin's streets. She also accepted blows to the face. Starting at the end of April, she peacefully turned off pipelines to remind the government of its constitutional duty to protect the lives and freedom of people in Germany.

Today she chained her neck with cable ties to the tennis net at the Wortmann Open final because, according to Sir David King (former chief adviser to the British government), we still have “2-3 years remain to decide the future of humanity.

This means more unnecessary emissions will kill us. There are still a maximum of 3 years left to set the decisive course. The simplest first step is to reject further drilling in the North Sea and instead develop better rail transport.

We can only avert a collapse of our society, including all tennis games, now. Anyone who loves tennis resists. This requires a wake-up call.

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