Broken collarbone and concussion – police officer brings down climate activists

Berlin, May 30.06.2022, XNUMX – This morning during a road blockade at the A100 Steglitz Nord exit, a police officer brought down Edmund Schultz from the Last Generation, which injured him and had to be taken to hospital. In addition to abrasions, Schultz suffered a broken collarbone and a concussion.

June 30.06.2022, 100 - Edmund Schultz blocks the AXNUMX. Photo: Achim Egner.
June 30.06.2022, 100 - Edmund Schultz blocks the AXNUMX. Photo: Achim Egner.

Schultz (58) about the incident: “I think that's unnecessary. We also want to save the future for the police officers. There is nothing impossible that we are asking for. It is the government's duty to save our lives and not drill for new North Sea oil. This is absolutely self-evident in times of climate catastrophe."

He goes on to say: “It hurts like hell. I very much hope that Olaf Scholz will finally take notice of the fact that he is breaching his duty."

The Last Generation is disrupting public order to demand a declaration from Olaf Scholz that there will be no new North Sea oil drilling. Fossil fuels continue to fuel the climate emergency. We therefore now have to save oil instead of drilling. Free local transport and a speed limit would be simple first measures.

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