Government parking garage blocked - last generation back in the government district

Berlin, October 24.06.2022, 14, 30:XNUMX a.m – The citizens of the last generation are currently blocking the Bundestag parking garage exit. The resistance action today, immediately after the end of the meeting, is intended to point out to those in government in an unignorable manner that oil drilling in the North Sea as a result of a fossil fuel economy will drive us into water shortages, hunger, death and mass exodus. Therefore, Olaf Scholz, the so-called climate chancellor, is clearly demanding a declaration that there should not and will not be any oil drilling in the North Sea.

Three people are sitting on the street wearing high-visibility vests. They hold a banner that says "Save oil instead of drilling." The Bundestag can be seen in the background.
June 24.06.2022th, XNUMX - Blockade of the Bundestag parking garage

The impression from this morning still weighs heavily on the supporters of the last generation who sat down on the Kronprinzbrücke and glued themselves to it. Two children, 12 and 15 years old, had stuck themselves to the A100 and were sometimes dragged off the road with painful grips, as can be seen in this video.

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann

Ernst Hörmann, himself a grandfather of eight grandchildren, is shaken to the core: “As the most powerful man in Germany, Olaf Scholz is responsible for the government's course. He is responsible for the children's lives. How can it be that he tramples on this responsibility so much that children decide to sit on highways and have to endure painful grips! Those in charge are leading these two children and their entire generation into a future full of death and misery. When will Olaf Scholz comment on this catastrophic government failure?n?”

Citizens are determined to continue their resistance until the government protects the lives of our children and the Chancellor makes a declaration that there will be no oil drilling in the North Sea.

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