Police clear lecture hall – University of Hamburg evades responsibility

Hamburg June 02.06.2022nd, 16, 30:14 p.m. - The Hamburg police have been clearing the occupiers of the Audimax at the University of Hamburg since XNUMX p.m. After days of occupation, the university president, Prof. Dr. H. Heekeren continues his responsibility to take a public stand on the climate crisis. He would rather silently accept that the government continues to fuel fossil fuel madness than publicly stand behind scientific facts. Then they had Last generation supporters sprayed the building with red-orange paint and lingered peacefully in the building and on its canopyuntil the Hamburg police removed them from the building, sometimes using pain grips. You can see how in a video on Twitter Police forces drag a young woman screaming in pain across the ground in front of the university building

The orange-red colored auditorium is surrounded by police. People hold up a banner on the entrance canopy with the inscription "Preserve livelihoods? Not the task of this university. - University President H. Heekeren".
Police surround the auditorium of the University of Hamburg

The supporters of the Last Generation had occupied the lecture hall building since Monday with the demand that President H. Heekeren address Robert Habeck with the message that new fossil infrastructure projects cannot be reconciled with the preservation of the basis of life.

Jacob Bilal Hatem
Jacob Bilal Hatem

“How can President Heekeren continue to remain silent in the face of the climate emergency? Our future lies in the hands of those in power now! Everyone in society must now come together and forcefully demand the protection of our lives. Especially the universities. But in Hamburg the university decides against taking on its responsibility and prefers to have us students painfully removed from the lecture hall by the police?”asks Jakob Bilal, a sociology student at the University of Hamburg and co-initiator of the occupation. 

Jana Mestmäcker
Jana Mestmäcker

“Anyone who currently holds such an important social position as President Heekeren must urgently fulfill his responsibility to educate our country about the dramatic consequences of the impending climate collapse and to appeal to the government! As we run out of time and even the universities abandon us, I see no other option than to offer peaceful but determined resistance,” says Jana Mestmäcker, alumna of the University of Hamburg, who tried to make President H. Heekeren aware of his responsibility in a conversation the evening before.

Melanie Guttmann
Melanie Guttmann

“The government continues to fuel the fossil fuel madness and with it floods, droughts, heat deaths, hunger catastrophes on an unprecedented scale and street battles for clean water. And the president of an excellence university for sustainability decorates himself with his vegetarian cafeteria instead of fulfilling his moral obligation.”says Melanie Guttmann, who was painfully brought out of the lecture hall building by the police today on the fourth day of the occupation.

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