Oil drilling in front of the Chancellery - facade black from North Sea oil!

Berlin, October 22.06.2022, 11, 15:XNUMX a.m – With spades and all sorts of tools in their luggage, the climate protectors of the last generation are digging for oil this morning in the area in front of the Federal Chancellery. The bubbling oil from the newly found spring poured over a large area over the ground and splashed the Chancellery facade. The oil well was marked with a large sign saying “North Sea Oil”.

Citizens of the last generation bring oil (color mixture) to the facade of the Chancellery
June 22.06.2022, XNUMX - Citizens of the last generation bring oil (color mixture) to the facade of the Chancellery.

With their visually powerful protest action, the citizens of the last generation are addressing Olaf Scholz, who has taken office as “climate chancellor”. They are demanding a declaration against new oil drilling in the North Sea.

Since Monday, citizens of the initiative, which has grown many times over, have already blocked motorways in Berlin more than 20 times, especially the A 100, which is the busiest motorway in Germany. Over 100 arrests were made within two days. But the Chancellor is still silent.

Aimee van Baalen (22), explains why she dug up the ground in front of the Chancellery today: “New fossil oil from the North Sea is heating our climate and fueling the collapse of our society. We need a fair and quick change immediately: Why is there no free public transport instead of new oil from the North Sea? This would allow us to save oil instead of drilling for new oil! We are demanding a strong word from Chancellor Scholz: There must be no new North Sea oil!”

Aimee van Baalen
Aimee van Baalen

Further resistance to the government's current failures has been announced by climate activists. An interruption to the disruption is only in sight if the Chancellor breaks his oily, black silence and speaks out against new drilling in the North Sea.

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