Children block the motorway – A100 is at a standstill again

Berlin, October 24.06.2022, 8 00:XNUMX a.m – For the third time this week, last generation citizens blocked traffic on the A100 in several places. Today two children are also sitting on the motorway: Simeon (12) and Rebekka (15). They actively disrupt everyday life. Because they have recognized that they face a terrible future if the government maintains its current course towards climate collapse.

Four people block the street sitting next to each other with banners and high-visibility vests. The middle two are children.
June 24.06.2022th, XNUMX - Rebekah and Simeon block the street with other citizens

Simeon is in sixth grade. He explains why he sat on the street today in an emotional appeal to the government: “I'm going to sit on the street and disrupt everyday life because I'm afraid that my future and the future of all children will be really bad. I'm afraid that the adults, for example the Chancellor, who should actually be doing everything to protect my future, don't really understand how bad the climate catastrophe actually is and therefore won't do what is necessary."


And further: "The whole world should be changing right now, but even though there is war, even though it is bad for the environment, we still continue to burn and explore for oil. So I will sit on the street and disrupt to remind those in power that they are responsible for the future of children."

Auch Rebekah, who is sitting next to him, has long understood what a threat the climate catastrophe is to her own future: “I was at Fridays for Future, I signed petitions, but all of that brought about far too little change. That means I have no choice but to take to the streets now and actively disrupt to simply bring about this change that we all desperately need."

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann

Ernst Hörmann (73) is on the street with the two of them today. The grandfather of eight seems close to tears: “These children say what we adults have all secretly known for a long time but don't want to admit. The climate catastrophe will bring us unimaginable suffering and destroy the lives of our children. As parents and grandparents, we now have the duty to do absolutely everything in our power to prevent this from happening. And yet our government is not even ready to introduce a speed limit."

The citizens of the last generation expect Chancellor Olaf Scholz to protect the lives of our children. They are calling on the Chancellor to make a statement that there will be no oil drilling in the North Sea. Saving oil instead of drilling is now appropriate. Socially just options for this include free public transport and a speed limit.

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