Frankfurt gate closed! Last generation brings climate crisis to the heart of Berlin

Berlin, October 23.06.2022, 8 00:XNUMX a.m – With a spectacular campaign, the climate protectors of the last generation are currently taking their resistance against government failure in the climate catastrophe to the heart of Berlin. The citizens peacefully sat down in all lanes of the central traffic intersection at Frankfurter Tor. They stuck themselves there with superglue.

Citizens of the last generation are closing the Frankfurter Tor in Berlin.
June 23.06.2022, XNUMX - Citizens of the last generation are closing the Frankfurter Tor in Berlin.

With the disruption of one of Berlin's main traffic arteries, citizens are calling on Chancellor Olaf Scholz to make an explanation. They expect Scholz to speak out against new oil drilling in the North Sea as 'climate chancellor' and head of government in the face of the climate emergency. New ones were previously examined from the ranks of the FDP and the Greens Drilling announced in the Wadden Sea National Park Service.

We are also together today Solvig Schinköthe (42) and her daughter Lina (20) on the street. As she clings on, the mother explains: “Drilling for oil in the North Sea is a crime that endangers all our lives! There can no longer be any new oil, coal or gas! We must now prevent the climate death of hundreds of millions of people and all future generations!”

Solvig Schinköthe
Lina Schinkothe

Her daughter adds: “Why doesn’t the federal government save oil instead of drilling for new oil? There are thousands of ideas for this but none of them are implemented! Where is the speed limit? Where is the free public transport? The government is putting all of our lives in danger with North Sea oil!”

June 23.06.2022, XNUMX - Frankfurter Tor Berlin

The last generation does not want to give up hope for a future worth living. Citizens are willing to go to prison for this. With today's initiative, the climate protectors also want to invite other people to join the civil resistance. Anyone interested is always welcome to take part in lectures and training courses. You can find the dates here.

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