A100 paralyzed – “Save instead of drilling!” demand 60 citizens

Berlin, October 20.06.2022, 09, 00:XNUMX a.m – 60 citizens of the last generation demand “Save oil instead of drilling!” and are currently peacefully blocking the A11 city motorway in Berlin in 100 places. They are expecting a statement from Chancellor Olaf Scholz that there will be no new oil drilling in the North Sea. They demand: “Save oil instead of drilling!” – for example through permanently free public transport and a speed limit.

June 20.06.2022, 60 - 100 citizens block the AXNUMX in Berlin.

Henning Jeschke (22), co-initiator of the Last Generation, was already involved in a hunger strike last year, which brought Olaf Scholz to the negotiating table after 27 days without food. Today he calls on the head of government to make a statement, shortly before he gets on the A100 with dozens of other citizens:

"Oil means death. Oil is destroying our children's future. New oil drilling in the North Sea means global water shortages, hunger catastrophes, refugees and wars. We demand that Olaf Scholz now speaks out and rejects these oil drillings with a public statement."

Henning Jeschke
Henning Jeschke

He goes on to say: “We still have 3 years to avert the collapse of our climate. Drilling for new North Sea oil now means we are missing the last exit towards a future worth living. Instead of drilling for new oil, we have to save oil – through free public transport and a speed limit."

Sonja Manderbach (45), church musician and mother, while she is stuck on the street: “We will only let our road blockades rest when the Scholz government rules out new oil drilling in the North Sea. We are determined to go to prison for the lives of our children. Because if our climate and our society collapses, unimaginable suffering and death awaits them."

Sonja Manderbach
Sonja Manderbach

To save the lives of billions of people, the excessive burning of deadly fossil oil must be stopped. Putin's bloody war is also financed by this rampant consumption. Now is the time to save instead of drilling. It can not be, that the nature reserve in the Wadden Sea should be destroyed, while speeds of 200 km/h are still permitted on the motorway and sensible, socially just measures such as permanently free public transport have not been implemented. Speed ​​limits save billions of liters of fuel, and the free public transport relieves the burden on citizens and at the same time guarantees them mobility [3] regardless of their wallet.

Olaf Scholz, keep your election promise! Become a climate chancellor and say “North Sea oil? Nope! – There will be no new oil drilling in the North Sea.”

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