A 100 blocked – Where is Olaf? Climate Chancellor missing!

Berlin, June 29, 2022, 08:10 a.m – Since this morning, the last generation has continued its highway blockades in Berlin. This time, citizens are blocking directly on the A100 to draw attention to the life-threatening nature of the climate crisis. They also have banners that say 'North Sea Oil? Nope!' and 'Save oil instead of drilling' hoisted over the highway. They are demanding a statement from Olaf Scholz in which he rules out new oil drilling in the North Sea.

June 29.06.2022th, 100 - Citizens of the last generation raise a banner over the A XNUMX motorway: “North Sea oil? Nope!”.

Lina Schinkothe (20) while stuck to the highway: “Today we're sitting here on the highway again, glued to ourselves because we're still racing into the abyss. And our federal government is even stepping on the gas and wants to further fuel the climate crisis with new oil. If we want to prevent global hunger catastrophes and wars over water, there must be no new oil drilling in the North Sea."

Lina Schinkothe

And further: "We say 'No to North Sea oil' and instead demand: 'Save oil instead of drilling!' Why haven't we expanded free public transport long ago? Why don't we already have a speed limit? Where is our self-proclaimed climate chancellor Olaf Scholz while we so urgently need him in this life-threatening crisis?"

Ernst Hörmann (73) who is blocking highways for the second week in a row today: “We are determined to block again and again and to go to prison for it. Until Olaf Scholz declares that there will be no new oil drilling in the North Sea. We will no longer accept that our federal government continues to destroy the livelihoods of our children and grandchildren. Oil, gas and coal are already killing people around the world, especially in the global south."

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann

The Last Generation had previously paused its motorway blockades on the occasion of the G7 summit to wait and see whether Olaf Scholz would live up to his responsibilities there. Yesterday, on the initiative of the self-proclaimed climate chancellor Scholz, the summit participants declared that to want to push forward new fossil projects. The supporters of the last generation were therefore forced to point out to the Chancellor his responsibility for the lives of millions of people and to continue the motorway blockades. Where is our climate chancellor? Where is Olaf?

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