Civil resistance in Bremen, Freiburg, Leipzig and Heidelberg

In Leipzig, Bremen and Heidelberg today there were massive disruptions to traffic on main arteries and motorways as a result of resistance actions against the federal government's deadly expansion of fossil fuels.

May 09.05.2022th, XNUMX - Road blockade in Leipzig

Supporters of the last generation choose this form of resistance, which cannot be ignored, because neither the 1,4 million people who were on the streets with Fridays for Future in September 2019 nor the Federal Constitutional Court were able to persuade federal politicians to fulfill their primary duty : To protect the lives of people in Germany. Instead, the further expansion of oil, coal and gas is being financed with our tax money, and oil drilling in the Wadden Sea National Park is even being considered.

Lina Schinkoethe (20)

"Drilling for oil in the North Sea is a crime against humanity. We know that there can be no more new oil, coal or gas if we want to avert the climate death of hundreds of millions of people. Anyone who drills for oil in the North Sea consciously accepts these deaths. I call on all my fellow human beings to peacefully stand in the way of this crime. Come to our lectures, training courses and take to the streets.” says Lina Schinköthe, 20, who was already sitting on the street with her mother in Frankfurt and today stuck to the asphalt in Leipzig.

22 people were again under police action today; many were threatened with fines. There were further actions in Freiburg today. There, excerpts from the world climate report were pasted on the window of a bank that continues to invest in fossil fuels despite the frightening reality in which we find ourselves.

If there is no declaration of life from Green Party Minister Robert Habeck in the course of the week, in which he promises to choose life and not to drill for North Sea oil, next Monday there will be peaceful blockades and further acts of civil resistance come.

In all cities where blockades took place today, there will be lectures this week and next week in which participants in the blockades will provide information about the background and motivation for them. We would particularly like to highlight the lecture Henning Jeschke this Wednesday at 18 p.m. at the University of Leipzig.

May 09.05.2022th, XNUMX - Road blockade in Bremen

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