Violation of the constitution continues to go unpunished – Hamburg district court condemns paint on town hall

Hamburg, 04.05.2022 – Henning Jeschke was sentenced to a fine by the Hamburg District Court today. In May 2021, he wrote “Water up to his neck” to the town hall in pink paint. In the climate emergency, he campaigned to preserve our livelihoods, while the Hamburg government is knowingly causing Hamburg to be flooded due to sea level rise. Today, however, it was not the government's criminal and unconstitutional actions that were condemned by the Hamburg district court, but rather a citizen who can no longer accept this crime against humanity in silence. 

Henning Jeschke tried for years to persuade the government to take action on the climate crisis through legal and symbolic actions. Out of desperation over the government's inaction, he starved for 27 days before the federal election and then had a conversation with Chancellor Scholz about the climate emergency.

Henning Jeschke
Henning Jeschke (22)

“We tried everything: we wrote petitions and demonstrated. We were at all the ministries and at the politicians' doorsteps. We were ignored. We can no longer be ignored. It takes massive peaceful resistance to make the government work FOR rather than AGAINST our survival!”says Henning Jeschke and announces that further disruptive actions will be carried out with the last generation.

Today the Hamburg district court is justifying the federal government's fossil fuel madness instead of recognizing, as UN State Secretary António Guterres did: “People from the climate movement are sometimes portrayed as dangerous radicals. But the really dangerous radicals are the countries that are driving fossil fuel production. Investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure is moral and economic madness.”

Henning Jeschke wasn't the only one who tried to appeal to those responsible for Germany's politics with campaigns at town halls, in city centers or at ministries. This week alone there are five court cases against people of the Last Generation.

Melanie Guttmann
Melanie Guttmann

“The climate crisis is getting worse. The window of opportunity to avert the worst is closing rapidly. If global warming reaches just 1.5 degrees, large parts of Hamburg will be flooded. Those who demand a departure from this deadly path will be condemned by the courts as criminals.”, explains former SAP project manager and Hamburg resident Melanie Guttmann why she is blocking roads with the Last Generation. She will stand trial in Berlin on Friday for blocking an entrance to the Ministry of Transport in October 2020.

“The courts must urgently ask themselves who the real criminals are. They must become aware of their responsibility to decide what is right and what is wrong!”says Kim Schulz, who was convicted today at the Augsburg district court for a banner campaign at the town hall.

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