University issues declaration on climate emergency – occupation ends after successful resistance

Leipzig, May 13, 2022, 13 p.m – After Leipzig students and supporters of the Last Generation occupied the largest lecture hall at the University of Leipzig, the Auditorium Maximum, on Wednesday evening, they announced their victory today and unanimously declared the occupation over.

Prof. Dr. Birgit Dräger, Chancellor of the University of Leipzig with (from left) Wieland Bicher, Lotta Schubert and Lina Schindköthe at the announcement of the declaration.

The university management publicly declared the actual urgency of the climate emergency, as declared by the Leipzig city council. In addition, based on scientific findings, it recognized the harmful effects of fossil fuels on the climate and the urgent need for action.

Lilly Schubert (23)

“The successful occupation of the university shows us once again: determined civil resistance works! It is our best chance to effect progressive change in a window of opportunity that is rapidly closing.”says Lilly Schubert, 23, who, as a former student at Leipzig University, led the negotiations with the university management together with student Wieland Bicher, 21.

Lina Schinkoethe (20)

Lina Schindköthe, 20, a student at Leipzig University, further explains after three days of occupation: “Universities, like the University of Leipzig, bear a great responsibility in political processes and have the power to influence and initiate the social opinion-forming processes that are necessary in times of crisis. It is regrettable that they have not yet fulfilled this responsibility.” 

“This, your occupation gave an impulse. But I now see that we have reached a point where, in my opinion, they can end it and still have the momentum.”said Prof. Dr. Birgit Dräger, Chancellor of the University of Leipzig, spoke about this at the Announcement of the statement by the university management in front of the students and supporters in the Audimax.

She also announced that the occupiers' demand to stop any new funding of fossil energies by the federal government, as this would not least contradict the coalition agreement and the very likely viability of our society, would be brought emphatically to the Senate next week on Tuesday, which is the central body of the university Declaration of life should be democratically legitimized.

The students and supporters of the last generation announce that they will continue to remind the university of the urgent need to fulfill its responsibility in the climate crisis and do not rule out re-occupation if no action is taken.

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