Last generation road blockades in Leipzig and Heidelberg; Blockade in Stuttgart prevented

Leipzig, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, 8:15 – This Monday, citizens of the last generation are once again blocking traffic routes in German cities and calling on their fellow citizens to take part in the protests.

May 09.05.2022th, XNUMX - Road blockade in Bremen

“We only have a short window of a few years to stop the climate catastrophe. We have a plan on how we can still do this. Listen to our plan, come to our lectures” calls out Carla Hinrichs, press spokeswoman for the Last Generation.

Carla Hinrichs
Carla Hinrichs

Traffic blockades by supporters of the last generation took place today in Leipzig and Heidelberg; In Stuttgart, an attempted blockade was intercepted by the police. Further actions are planned for today.

Lina Schinkothe

“I am sitting here on the street today as we are racing ever faster towards climate collapse with ever-increasing emissions. We have to stop this. Therefore, there should be no drilling for oil in the North Sea” explains Lina Schinköthe from Leipzig.

Raul Semmler
Raul Semmler

“I'm a screenwriter and actor, but today I superglued myself to the pavement. We are all the last people who can prevent the irreversible tipping of our climate as well as hunger and deadly heat. Join us!" Raúl Semmler from Heidelberg appeals to his fellow citizens. 

From today on there will be traffic blockades and other actions every Monday throughout Germany. In 75 lectures planned so far, the Last Generation is informing fellow citizens about their demand “Stop the fossil madness” and the climate science background as well as the goals of the campaign.

At the same time, citizens of the last generation will continue to stop the flow of oil and gas by turning off emergency valves, as they have done in recent weeks. The Last Generation demands a declaration of life from Green Minister Robert Habeck by promising that there will be no NEW fossil infrastructure, especially no new oil drilling in the North Sea.

May 09.05.2022th, XNUMX - Road blockade in Heidelberg

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