Crude oil pipelines are at a standstill - the last generation demands: No new fossil infrastructure

Brandenburg, May 11.05.2022, 13, XNUMX p.m – Last generation people turned off the emergency shut-off systems on two pipelines this morning. They are thereby interrupting the flow of crude oil to and from the PCK refinery in Schwedt. With their disruptions, the last generation is demanding a declaration of life from the Green Economics Minister Robert Habeck: a declaration that there will be no NEW fossil infrastructure, especially no new oil drilling in the North Sea. 

Maja Winkelmann peacefully turns off the MVL pipeline at the valve station S19.

"We will probably exceed 1,5 degrees by 2026, That's all over the newspaper today. And what is the government doing? She dumps oil on our burning world. It continues to fuel the climate emergency. She is planning oversized gas terminals and Lindner wants to drill for oil in the Wadden Sea National Park. The government is knowingly destroying our livelihoods. I’m not going to take part in that anymore!” explains project manager Edmund Schultz (58) from Braunschweig why he has been peacefully turning off the emergency shut-off systems on oil pipelines for the past three weeks.

Edmund Schultz (58)

Destroy fossil fuels. They finance bloody wars and destroy our climate. They are fueling floods, heat deaths and the collapse of our civilization. But as the world continues to heat up, the federal government is planning more and more fossil fuel infrastructure.

Jacob Beyer
Jacob Beyer (27)

“I cannot continue to accept this crime against humanity without resistance,” Jakob Beyer (27), who stopped his training as a carpenter because of the climate emergency, explains why he is stopping the flow of crude oil from the MVL crude oil pipeline again today: “I will continue to peacefully shut down the pipelines until the government shows that it is working FOR rather than AGAINST our survival. Until the “green” minister Habeck makes a declaration of life. Or until I get locked up. Because I would rather go to prison than continue to accept this crime against humanity without resistance.”

Jakob Beyer and Maja Winkelmann peacefully block the MVL pipeline.

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