Pipeline blockages enter the second week - Last generation demands declaration of life from Habeck

Germany, May 03.05.22, 12 30:XNUMX p.m – This morning, Last Generation supporters interrupted the flow of oil in several pipelines in three locations in three federal states. They are demanding a declaration of life from Green Party Minister Robert Habeck. There must be no more new fossil infrastructure, especially no new oil drilling in the North Sea.

Miriam Meyer (30) turns off the RMR pipeline

Citizens turned off the emergency valve on the pipelines in Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine-Westphalia and decorated the handwheel with flowers. Their actions have a serious background: the people of the last generation, many of them parents themselves, are activating the emergency valve on the pipelines because we are in a climate emergency! If the fossil fuel madness is not stopped, our children will be led to their deaths.

Miriam Meyer
Miriam Meyer (30)

"In the emergency we find ourselves in, we only have two to three years left to chart a safe path. That's why we now need a declaration of life from Minister Robert Habeck. If we decide against death and for life, there can be no more new oil, no new coal and no new gas " explained Miriam Meyer, 30, while chaining herself to the handwheel of the RMR pipeline.

Michael Winters
Michael Winter (59)

"Drilling for oil in the North Sea means sticking to a deadly course. We need a declaration of life from Mr. Habeck. A sign that our government is ready to take the first step in the right direction instead of continuing in the wrong direction." names Michael Winters, 59, biologist and web programmer explains his motives.

The resistance actions, with which the group is demanding a “declaration of life” from Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck, are entering their second week. With the declaration of life, the last generation is demanding a declaration from Habeck that he will no longer finance and expand fossil energies, but will finally go all out with the massive expansion of solar and wind energy and thus secure the future and survival of the young generation. These would be investments in life, peace and freedom. In the previous week, pipelines were turned off twelve times across Germany over three days.

The federal government has not yet commented on the accusation that it is knowingly plunging the young generation into ruin through its short-sighted fossil fuel policy. Until that happens, people of the last generation want to continue shutting down pipelines.

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