PCK pipeline shut down again and further road blockade – “We will only stop when the fossil fuel madness stops”

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania & Göttingen, May 17, 2022 - Tonight two more citizens of the last generation peacefully turned off the PCK pipeline near Neubrandenburg at the same location for the third time on the same day. In total, there were four protests at the pipeline and road blockades in eight cities by Last Generation on Monday. In total, over 10 people were temporarily taken into custody by the police during these actions.

Road blockade in the evening in Göttingen

“We will continue to turn off pipelines and block roads on Mondays until Minister Habeck makes a declaration that there will be no new investments in fossil fuel infrastructure, especially no new drilling in the North Sea.”, announces Carla Hinrichs (press spokeswoman).

Carla Hinrichs
Carla Hinrichs (25)

“We will come back until Minister Habeck meets our demand for a declaration of life. “I am prepared to go to prison for my belief that there should be no new investments in deadly fossil fuels.”says 72-year-old Ernst Hörmann after turning off the PCK pipeline.

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann (72)

“For my eight grandchildren, I see it as my responsibility to use all peaceful options to stop the climate catastrophe while we still can.” 

Winfried Lorenz (62)

Winfried Lorenz, 62 years old, a printer from Berlin, explains why he turned off a pipeline again today: “I am part of the last generation that can stop the climate collapse initiated by the people in the global north. The demonstrations and actions so far have led to the climate crisis finally being recognized in the public discussion, but no action is being taken. It is the responsibility of all of us to exhaust all peaceful means now, because in two to three years it may already be too late.”

The same PCK pipeline was also shut down peacefully yesterday morning near Lindenhof. In the morning hours there were also significant traffic disruptions due to last-generation road blockades in Leipzig, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Munich, Braunschweig, Stuttgart and Freiburg.

Jana Mestmäcker
Jana Mestmäcker (29)

In the evening, eight last generation citizens blocked traffic in Göttingen. “Due to the federal government's lack of an emergency response to the climate crisis, there will only be more crises and wars in the future. We demand a declaration of life from Minister Habeck. The fossilized, deadly business as usual must be ended now.” explains psychologist Jana Mestmäcker, who stuck herself to the road with superglue.  

While she is being arrested by the police, the psychologist from Lower Saxony says: “With my conscience I cannot reconcile it other than to oppose the government's deadly course and ask my fellow human beings to do the same. Come to our lectures, get active with us!”

Winfried Lorenz on the way to shut down the PCK pipeline for the third time that day.

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